With over 10 years experience in Photoshop, having developed skills in Photography, Photo Editing and Digital Painting, there is absolutely nothing that we can't bring to life! Whether you just need skin retouching or image colour grading, or want to create an elaborate fantasy work - James Lynd Photography can do it for you! 

Bring your cosplay to life with an image that really immerses your character into their natural setting! I can change up the background, or add visual effects or even create entire scenes around your character! 

I can also help you to set up your own photoshoot at home with a few home lamps, so if you don't have photos already, you can create your own that will already be perfect for adding effects to! 

With all the work you have put into your cosplay, why not show it off at its best with an amazing fantasy edit? 

I can edit and touch up your photos, I even transforming the photos you take at home into an elegant studio style look to ensure your portfolio still looks fresh and professional! Perfect for these strange times during COVID-19 - as you can create the photos, and I can edit them for you without us ever having to even meet! Social distancing at its best! 

I can even help guide you with setting up your own photoshoots at home, using lighting you can find around the house. Even an iPhone will make a suitable camera at times like these, and I can help you get beautiful shots, and polish them up with skin & hair retouching, lighting adjustments and some colour grading! 




Original Image by Love & Light Images

Base Rate - £15 


There is a minimum base rate of £15 for any project. Rates are bespoke to the nature of the project and the amount of work that will be required to create the edit. When you get in touch, please detail as much as possible about what you want, and if possible, provide the images you want editing so I can give you an estimate. If you have a budget in mind as well, it helps to let me know! 

Images provided should be the highest resolution/quality you have, and you should have the appropriate rights/usage licenses to be able to have them altered. 

Payment is by electronic bank transfer only, Paypal is not accepted, and all payments are non-refundable. A £15 non-refundable payment must be made to confirm any project with any remaining balance to be paid upon approval of the final image. 

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Professional Photography - Manchester, UK - Available Worldwide

All photography © James Lynd Photography. Do not use any images without permission. 

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