Against the Current

Manchester 23/09/18

London - 29/09/18

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Photographing Against the Current is always sentimental for me. This was the band that sparked off my career back in 2014 when their show inspired me to get back into photography more seriously, and it was their ongoing support with allowing my to photograph their shows which allowed me to practise and develop my skillset! Since 2014, I've photographed them six times - and these two most recent shoots are the ones I'm MOST proud of! They really represent my journey as a photographer, and how far I've come in the years of hard work I've put in. 

I've always aspired to tour with Against the Current. Not only would it be an insane adventure, but it would present an opportunity to give something back to the band who supported me, as well as their fanbase who were there for me over the years and encouraged me every time I felt like giving up! My photos have reached a level I've wanted to achieve since I set out, and now I want to push that even further! If you think these photos are good, imagine what I could do with Access All Areas. I could really push it and create some art

Would you like to see me on tour as Against the Currents official photographer? Perhaps you should let them know! Together, we can make anything happen! 

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