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About Me

"You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling" - Inception, 2010

I have breathed in creativity all my life. I grew up constantly creating and crafting, inspired by movies that had caught my imagination. As a kid I would build myself lightsabers out of wood and cardboard, and I would build scale models of scenery from Lord of the Rings that were so big they would fill up my room!


As I entered my teens, I started focusing on drawing and painting as a form of expression - but I couldn’t quite bring my ideas to life through drawing. That is when I began experimenting with Photography and Photoshop - and I discovered that I found complete creative freedom through the process. My imagination could run free, and I could find ways to bring my imagination to life! 


Inspired also by my love of music, I started working with bands and artists - helping to bring their vision to life. And now, entering into a new era after the global pandemic shook all our lives, I want to help uplift and inspire others through magical imagery. Storytelling is the core of what I do and a picture really does say a thousand words.


What will your pictures say about you?

Howls Moving Castle
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