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How to create COMPOSITES with Layer Masks

A composite is essentially a photographic collage! You can take the best parts of several photos and combine them into one amazing piece! It's easier than it sounds as Photoshop has a feature called Layer Masks which make it really easy and efficient to do! In the video I show you how you can use layer masks to create composites! Layer Masks work by painting white or black into the Layer Mask. White reveals the layer, while black hides it - allowing the underlying layer to show through. I suppose it's like cutting out pieces of a photo only digitally! The best thing is that it's non-destructive - so you can easily make changes if you want to just by painting in black or white. This is different to the erase tool which is permanent once done. The great thing about composites is that it really creates freedom in your shooting and editing style. You don't have to stress so much about getting one perfect shot, and can instead focus on making sure you capture a variety of strong elements that you can then join together. To do professional level composites does require a variety of Photoshop skills to really pull off well, but layer masks are a strong foundational skill to develop that will get you going with it! I hope you find the tutorial helpful!

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